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At KRADLE TO KINDERGARTEN PRESCHOOL our goal is to provide your child with creative experiences in all areas of child development. Your child will grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively, while enhancing their language development. Our curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum learning approach with additional academic areas in Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, geography  and Creative Movement.

Concepts are introduced to students in weekly/monthly theme related topics using various activities to reach the learning styles of every child. We provide stimulating activities to encourage and enhance the learning process and document the milestones each child achieves as they progress through the program.

KRADLE TO KINDERGARTEN PRESCHOOL has age appropriate developmental goals and tools that will be achieved throughout the year. The mastery of these developmental goals and tools in all areas of child development will assist in providing your child the necessary skills to become a successful life long learner.

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