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Pre-k & VPK



Our Pre-Kindergarten  and V.P.K. program focuses on preparing your child for the exciting transition to kindergarten. Skills necessary to succeed are incorporated into their weekly & monthly curriculum. We follow guidelines through Florida VPK standards & ordinance. Character traits developed include respect, honesty, friendliness, responsibility, self-control, tolerance, kindness, citizenship and [K] kindergarten will be a smooth and successful one.

The classroom is set up in a way that enhances fosters the children’s initiative and exploration. Each classroom is divided into several learning centers. This allows children to learn through play activities that interest them. There is a focus on literacy and reading readiness, with homework given on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

The Pre-K children are encouraged to use their imagination through science exploration and dramatic play. The pre-reading skills of word families, letter recognition and punctuation help our Pre-K to structure simple sentences in a language/vocabulary environment. Students are nurtured in a creative learning style to help develop cause and effect skills and mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction. The children attain these skills to better understand the world around them, which will prepare them for the next exciting leap into Kindergarten and the years ahead.

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